Allanton Air (extract)

Allanton Air is a composition of roughly 30 minutes duration based upon recordings of Pauline and Charlie working during the winter and spring of 2016/17, as well as sounds from the environment surrounding their studios and some fragments of Mike’s instrumental compositions. As Pauline says during the course of the piece, “the spaces we created here are very important to us”, and Allanton Air blends the often highly rhythmic and percussive sounds made in the course of creating the art with more lyrical, pastoral elements evoking the spaces in which the artists live and work. The viola is played by Stephen Upshaw.



Rhodrigue for electric harp and electronics

Played by Letizia Eriano, June 2017

Rodrigue is inspired by a hearing of the harpist Rhodri Davies playing music by Eliane Radigue. In the particular we were struck by the bowing of the harp, and the use of long drones, and both are features of Rhodrigue.



Berwick Sounds

Berwick Sounds is a short electroacoustic work composed of a combination of sounds recorded around Berwick-upon-Tweed with synthesised sounds using Max/MSP. Specific pitches were emphasized in the equalization phase, and distortions were introduced using granulation techniques.



Song to ...

Song to ... is a composition that I have been working on during summer 2016 with the idea to turn into a vocal performance. In this version, the vocal part is recorded into the composition. I used the following sonic materials: vibrations of sand in a bucket recorded in stereo using two hydrophones, rain on roof recorded in quad and down-mixed to stereo, tones generated by Max/MSP, and my voice.